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Saturday, I did something that was a little wankeriffic. I read back through my journal entries for the last two years. I don't remember what prompted me to do that but reading all those entries made me realise that things have been kind of crap for me these last two years. I've gone through a lot of things that were very hurtful to my psyche and, it seemed, most of those things happened in series. It wasn't enough for one bad thing to happen, I had to have chains of bad things.

Now, saying all that, I'm not looking for sympathy or "hugs" because I know that a lot of those horrible things were precipitated by my own actions. Not all of them, but enough. However, seeing all the stuff that I've gone through I finally understood how it is that I've come to be so isolated. Starting in October of last year, I really began to gradually withdraw myself from everything. I stopped going out with most of the people I know. I stopped going for happy little walks around Cambridge. I stopped participating in almost every online forum that I was involved in. I stopped being a player in my own life.

I knew that I was doing it. I did. I just didn't understand why. I couldn't parse why I suddenly hated almost everyone, why I couldn't be bothered to put up with the slightest bit of trifling from people. I just knew that I was sick of all of it.

I guess it helps me to know how I got like this. It doesn't fix any of it, but at least I can see that this behaviour isn't necessarily a permanent change in my personality but akin to a turtle going into it's shell after things have become threatening. The way I am right now is the response to the aggregation of two years of bullshit.

Already, I can feel myself starting to get a little better. For one, I'm posting here again. For two, I've been leaving the house somewhat regularly. I don't really hang out with anyone because, still, I can't stand most of the people I know but I don't really care about that part.

The only thing I wonder about is if I've missed my chance to really ever have long-lasting relationships with people. Is it something wrong with me that I can't seem to find people that don't give up on friendship at the slightest hint of disagreement or turbulence? Is it that I am drawn to the wrong kind of people? Am I really just that off-putting? I keep trying to tell myself that I haven't found my tribe yet, but that they are out there, somewhere. I hope that's not wishful thinking.

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I might seem like a creeper for being here, but I guess I've nothing to lose considering what I can only imagine you think of me in the past few years.

I didn't give up. That's why I'm here, checking in just to know if you're okay. I stopped contacting you because you never replied and I'd rather leave you in peace than hurt all over again. But obviously I still care.

If you're ever interested in trying again, please let me know. And if you'd like me to leave you alone and never check your journal again, tell me that too so I can respect that (I'd hate to make you feel you couldn't have a public forum if you don't want me to look). Really, I still love you. ♥


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